Papers Reading List in CVPR 2016

Hand Pose Estimation

Robust 3D Hand Pose Estimation in Single Depth Images: From Single-View CNN to Multi-View CNNs.

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Liuhao Ge, Hui Liang, Junsong Yuan, Daniel Thalmann
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

DeepHand: Robust Hand Pose Estimation by Completing a Matrix Imputed With Deep Features.

Ayan Sinha, Chiho Choi, Karthik Ramani
Purdue University

Efficiently Creating 3D Training Data for Fine Hand Pose Estimation.

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Markus Oberweger, Gernot Riegler, Paul Wohlhart, Vincent Lepetit
Graz University of Technology, Austria

Fits Like a Glove: Rapid and Reliable Hand Shape Personalization.

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David Joseph Tan, Thomas Cashman, Jonathan Taylor, Andrew Fitzgibbon, Daniel Tarlow, Sameh Khamis, Shahram Izadi, Jamie Shotton
Microsoft Research
Technische Universitat Munchen

Hand Gesture Recognition

Deep Hand: How to Train a CNN on 1 Million Hand Images When Your Data Is Continuous and Weakly Labelled.

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Oscar Koller, Hermann Ney, Richard Bowden
RWTH Aachen University, Germany
University of Surrey, UK

Online Detection and Classification of Dynamic Hand Gestures With Recurrent 3D Convolutional Neural Network.

Pavlo Molchanov, Xiaodong Yang, Shalini Gupta, Kihwan Kim, Stephen Tyree, Jan Kautz

Hand Workshop

Skeleton-based Dynamic hand gesture recognition

Quentin De Smedt, Hazem Wannous, Jean-Philippe Vandeborre
Telecom Lille, Univ. Lille

Learning Marginalization through Regression for Hand Orientation Inference

Muhammad Asad and Greg Slabaugh
City University London

Hidden Hands: Tracking Hands with an Occlusion Aware Tracker

Akshay Rangesh, Eshed Ohn-Bar, and Mohan M. Trivedi
University of California, San Diego

Effectiveness of Grasp Attributes and Motion-Constraints for Fine-Grained Recognition of Object Manipulation Actions

Kartik Gupta, Darius Burschka, Arnav Bhavsar
IIT Mandi, India
TU Munich, Germany